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Clean White and Dark Walnut

November 1, 2010

My heart is skipping a beat with each image!¬† I’m still trying to link words to this aesthetic that I love so much- a juxtaposition of new and old, light and dark… perfect balance of minimal and natural. My heart aches with the beauty of it. The sparsity and loveliness of the furniture, the attention to detail in the materials and fixtures in the bathrooms. I would consider moving to Utah for this house, where it is for sale, according to Trendir where I found these images, for $599,000. Salvaged bamboo and walnut are used gorgeously throughout, and the fireplace, oh the fireplace!!

White & Walnut 1 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 2 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 3 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 4 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 5 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 6 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 7 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 8 | Delysia Style



Showstopping Spacesavers

October 30, 2010

These are some of the most elegant solutions I have ever seen and I’m dying to use them. This video wowed me so I had to share. The video features Ron Barth of Resource Furniture and the company’s amazingly innovative furniture.

Dance, Dance

October 29, 2010

Even though the closest I get to being prima ballerina is the New York City Ballet Workout, I love to watch ballet and learn from the discipline and the grace of the amazing dancers and remember my short time taking ballet as a young girl. I enjoyed the documentary Ballerina by Bertrand Normand. And yesterday a friend pointed out this lovely blog, the Ballerina Project, that seems to have hit it’s peak months ago but is still there sharing gorgeous images with us which were contributed by dancers and photographers all over the world.

subway ballet | DelysiaStyle


city ballet | DelysiaStyle

lofe ballet | DelysiaStyle

grafitti ballet DelysiaStyle

sea ballet | DelysiaStyle

The control that these athletes have over their bodies never ceases to amaze me. In most sports, the look on an athlete’s face or the perfect placement of each finger wouldn’t matter, only the result. Ballet is so much about grace, control, making it look easy- it makes it so much harder. Sports are at least 50% mental and it is so amazing how pushing the body pushes the mind.

Speaking of dancer/athletes, I loved the documentary Planet B-Boy. It showed a lot of incredible dance moves, but also told some wonderful stories of passion, perseverance and teamwork. Enjoy the trailer!

Atmosphere: The Beauty of Black and White

October 28, 2010

This is a beautiful short video- lots of atmospheric light and dark, shadows and suggestions. Memories, faint stories. Sometimes it can be ominous to enter an abandoned place, but sometimes it is wondrous to imagine the people, places and things of the past. Seeing it all in the stark contrast of black and white makes it even more ancient and foreign. Questions about what took place, where and why, only add to the beauty. As I heard on Art 21 from photographer Sally Mann, “If it doesn’t have ambiguity, don’t bother.” (Fittingly, she shoots in black and white using a 100-year old 8 x 10 bellows view camera.) I believe the same is true in design. You need at least one spot in any composition that stands out, that poses questions and pops a little surprise; something unexpected no matter how small. A little imperfection. That’s why I love the concept of wabi sabi. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.

Designer Spotlight: Victoria Hagan

October 27, 2010

She’s been in all the big magazines, she was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame, and been consistently amazing for 20 years. And so Victoria Hagan is today’s featured designer! Commence reveling… now.


Victoria Hagan | DelysiaStyle

Victoria Hagan 2 | DelysiaStyle

Victoria Hagan 3 | DelysiaStyle

Victoria Hagan 4 | DelysiaStyle

Victoria Hagan 5 | DelysiaStyle

Victoria Hagan 6 | DelysiaStyle

Mikhail Dantes Hilltop Ranch

October 26, 2010

Denver-based interior designer Mikhail Dantes recently unveiled his 4,000 square foot remodel in Elle Decor and I absolutely love it. Dantes collaborated with architect Scott Parker to transform the 1950s ranch house into his pristine new retreat. He basically tore everything out except the fireplace which he kept because of codes which restrict building a new wood burning fireplace in Denver. The project took 4 years, and result is stunningly serene and stylish.

Mikhail Dantes Living Room | DelysiaStyle

Mikhail Dantes House | DelysiaStyle

Mikhail Dantes Garden | DelysiaStyle


New Scottish Architecture

October 25, 2010

I’ve always been really inspired by European architecture, especially Scandinavian, and lately Scottish and Irish.¬† While exploring this fascination I found a great resource, and I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite images culled from that site. What is your favorite country or region for architecture & design inspiration? (Mine changes daily so we’ll all understand it’s your current favorite too.)

Lee Boyd Architecture | DelysiaStyle

Church of St. Paul's and St. George's renovation by LEEBOYD Architecture

Rural Design Architects | DelysiaStyle

Black Shed by Rural Design Architects

Sandyford Initiative By Studio KAP

The Kitchen | DelysiaStyle

The Kitchen by Pask Architects

The Shed | DelysiaStyle

The Shed by Dualchas Building Design

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