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indoor/outdoor modern luxury

January 22, 2010

Maybe it’s a longing for summer that has led me to crave this indoor/outdoor ambiance lately. These spaces are special in that they let you bask in the beauty of nature, day and night, snow or shine.
Office with a View
Rockefeller Partners Architects bring us this and many other stunning designs that merge indoor life with the outdoors in a serene and fresh way. Their work is clearly inspired by the belief that “God is in the details” as they use simple, natural materials in such a deliberate, reverent way. Their entire portfolio is a feast for the eyes. The classic Eames Aluminum Management Chair is just the ivory icing on the cake at this dream desk.

A Bath Retreat
This gorgeous scene from Pearl Baths makes me swoon for so many reasons. The windows and the marsh views, the lily pond/fountain, the strewn driftwood paired with the smooth modern bath… it’s heaven disguised as a bath. Ooh, and add bubbles.

Little Wonder
If you want to make a little change to your workspace that adds a bit of zen beauty, you might find just the thing with a recycled glass terrarium or a Living Ecosphere inside which entire ecosystems live right there on your desk, reminding you of the beautiful balance that sustains all life.

Summer Haven
Curling up in this little nest from Lifeshop Collection with a glass of iced Golden Star Tea and the last couple copies of Dwell would transport any of us from the basic backyard into pure paradise.

Sleek Stargazing
Our last gem for now is the site Secret Gardens of Sydney where such lovely spaces as this can be found, bridging homes seamlessly with the outdoors. Here I love the wonderful contrast created between the crisp lighting on the white wall and planter with the deep wood of the deck. Enjoy tossing these similar pillows around your own backyard lounge.


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