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March 2, 2010

I really love things that are clear, translucent, or nearly opaque. I love how light mixes with the color and the environment shows through and the space becomes this luminous scene. It’s also a great trick for brightening a small space and keeping the view intact across an open floor plan. Here are just a few simple items that are now widely available. Kartell makes a lot of these types of acrylic pieces that are sold all over the place. Hive Modern is one of my favorites, but you can also find a few over at DWR and now Room & Board.
I have a hard time finding lamps I like. Usually I like the base but hate the shade and I know you can easily change them, but I hardly find shades I like at all! Well these are just great, top to bottom!
Darcy Table Lamp, Graham and Green

While some may see it as blasphemous and soulless to recreate a historical shape in acrylic or polycarbonate, I look at these pieces with appreciation for what they are. The suggestion, the echo is there, but the juxtaposition of that old silhouette with a new material… it’s art in it’s own right. I love the fun way they put it all together in this simple dining room at Graham and Green. It’s more about fun and freedom than stuffiness. I love that about modern design. Anything goes as long as you love it.

Victoria Ghost Chair by Phillipe Starck, Graham and Green

Phillipe Starck loves to play with these designs, and I really like what he’s done with these. It is a stool/seat/side table and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This could be fun just about anywhere, and it’s really cool because it looks like glass and has the shape of a vase, so it plays tricks with your mind before you decide it’s really ok to sit on.

La Boheme Stools by Phillipe Starck, Graham and Green

I love the bright blue of this lamp- the way it is calming and at the same time energizing.

Blue Table Lamp, Neiman Marcus

These tables offer a lot more shape and interest than most of the acrylic tables out there. I favor the black option.

Acrylic Side Table, Neiman Marcus

I found a lot of great stuff looking around at and so I’m sure you’ll be seeing a few more various pieces from them in upcoming posts. These items are actually a lot more affordable than I expected, and they have *quite* a bit of variety in the styles they carry. There would easily be something for everyone, and by that I was impressed. I was also suprised by the amount of modern dinnerware and serving collections. I think they have as many cake stands as Williams Sonoma! Stay tuned for a whole post about baking, bakeries, and pretty serving plates and such. I wanted to post that one today but alas, I am still gathering the tasty morsels. Anyway, I like these glasses. I enjoy wine, but I also enjoy using stemware to drink my water, iced tea and just about anything else, in style.

Neiman Marcus

This bathtub is quite intriging. I’m not sure I’m completely enamoured, but I’m mulling it over. They also make it in white, which I like better than this green/blue glass. It looks like the bathtub also has lighting underneath or within which is really great. I’m picturing it full of bubbles, or flower petals, or even rubber duckies and it seems awesome, but I also can’t help thinking about skin pressed up to it… how would that really look? I wonder how much you could see. Could be sexy. Could be… not sexy. 🙂

Jason International bath, via Trendir

I love this apartment’s use of clear furniture, and was really taken with the transformation between day and night…

Apartment by Erges

This is the same apartment at night, transformed solely by light. Things that were light are now dark, but now there is new and unexpected light. It also seems so much more “modern” with the use of the blue LEDs. It would be fun being able to change the color every so often too. I’m a big fan of LED lighting. I can’t wait for it to become more widely used, more available, and more affordable. I have a great lamp I grabbed from Z Gallerie for a school project and decided to keep it and put a magenta Moodlite in it when I was obsessed with this concept. I then convinced my dad to help me rip out the carpet in my bedroom, scrape the ceiling, paint the ceiling and walls white, and epoxy the floor white (I wanted gloss, but it turned out to be too expensive and ended up matte.) Then I hung long, sheer, white curtains that pooled a little in front of the sliding glass window to a well-lit atrium. I bought two white Panton chairs and a Boulevard Square Table from DWR then used the magenta lamp and candles to softly light the whole thing. I loved it and I wish I had pictures. I also only had a futon on the ground, which added to the “industrial chic.” Haha. I’ve come a long way baby. But I digress. Without further adieu, the nighttime apartment.

Apartment by Erges


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