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the sweetest thing

March 3, 2010

Cake stands are some of my favorite things ever. I think it’s the combination of old fashioned, feminine entertaining + a simply lovely object + the actual cake! + the extra panache of putting it on a pedestal. A cake stand is usually something you might have one of, or one each in different styles. It is special; you don’t buy them in boxes of 10. If you’re lucky, you find them at the flea market or garage sale. So I started gathering the images of stands and then must have gotten hungry and inspired at once and decided to share some pretty bakeries too. Let’s actually start with the bakeries!

Mini Empire Bakery just opened in Seattle and they are already receiving rave reviews.  Two friends, Morgan and Christy opened the bakery out of a shared love of small sweet treats like cupcakes and then invented cup-pies and scookies. The portions at Mini Empire give you that perfect taste before you blow your diet with a whole-pie binge, and they even offer delicious vegan and gluten free options!

Morgan and Christy of Mini Empire Bakery

Mmmm. Cup-pie.

This is just a beautiful concept, beautifully expressed: i gigi general store of East Sussex, UK. It’s a cafe, and a men’s and women’s boutique. I would live there. In the shop. I could just hide under the stairs at closing time and then sustain myself on the leftover goodies.

i gigi treats

i gigi cafe

i gigi menswear

i gigi boutique

Voted the best bread in Paris for 2009, here is Le Grenier de Felix in Paris. They don’t seem to have a website, but when you’re that good, I guess you don’t need it? Maybe that’s the qualifier for still being considered a hole-in-the-wall?

Le Grenier De Felix, Paris

Miette Patisserie is adorable all-around: treats, bakery, website, and of course I love the cake presentation (more images on their site.)

Miette Patisserie in San Francisco, Via ParisHotelBoutique

While the food reviews for Nadege Patisserie in Toronto are mixed at best, I really liked the clean modern design of the space and wanted to share it. Clean white walls with a dark, distressed wood floor are often main ingredients in a recipe for success in my book. Not related to Nadege That reminds me of a very strange phenomenon and drawback of modern design, or any design style for that matter, and the concept extends to everything… i.e. when the food is amazing, the crowd is warm and welcoming, the conversation is lively and inspiring, the service is exceptional, suddenly the design is gorgeous, understated and inviting. When the company is pretentious, the service is bad, or the food is cold, now the design is uptight, hollow and contrived. Works for everything- people, fashion…anything aesthetic. Aesthetics are only one branch of quality. But enough philosophy.

Nadege Patisserie, via Yummy Local

A little bit of Paris.

Boulangerie 21, via Paris Atlier

La Duree Paris, Via ParisAtlier

La Duree Paris, Via ParisAtlier

And now the pretty kitchen extras with limited commercial interruption.

1. Rosanna Petite Treat

2. Rosanna Rococo Noir

3. Rosanna Decor Bon Bon White

1. Nambe Copper Canyon Cake Stand, Neiman Marcus

2. Image via Country Living

3. Ruffled Tablecloth from Pom Pom Interiors via Making Arrangements

1. Typhoon Vintage Cake Tin from Kitchen Critic

2. Bubble & Brown Singles fromRachael Ray Stoneware

3. Square Cake Stand, Williams Sonoma

Ok readers, now share with us your favorite local/travelled-to bakery or cafe! Or your favorite place to find vintage kitchen items… a baking tip, secret place for recipes… anything awesome! Don’t worry we won’t share your secret. 😉


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  1. October 29, 2010 8:37 pm

    You shouldn’t put such ideas into my head!

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