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Boutiques & Antiques: Part Two

March 11, 2010

Let’s get right to it!! These are all the beautiful things I found for creating that ecclectic, modern+vintage combination I love so much. If you have a favorite designer that does this well, or a favorite antique dealer or place to shop because of the atmosphere, please do comment and share with us!

1. 19th USA Cent Gin Bottles – From Ruby Beets Via 1st Dibs

2. Antique Wooden Factory Stairs – From TLS by Design Etsy Shop

3. Modern USA Clay Faux Bois Planters – From Huniford Via 1st Dibs

4. Vintage Bottles – From Bluebell Bazaar Etsy Shop

5. 70s Tree With Bird Nest Sculpture By Curtis Jere – From Machine Age, Via 1st Dibs

6. Numbered Buds Pillows – From Anthropologie

1. Metal dress form – From Adele Lewis

2. Pinnable Dress Form – From Manne-King

3. Wood and Metal Dress Form – From Mannequin Gallery

4. Metal Dress Form – From Subastral Inc

5. Bronze-look Plastic Mannequin – From Mannequin Hub

6. Petite Wire Dress Form – From BallardDesigns

1. Vintage French Coat Hooks – From sui generis-online

2. Card Catalog Pull – From Anthropologie

3. Portis Clothes Rack – From Ikea

4. Interlaced Twigs Handle – From Anthropologie

5. Knotched Glass Knob – From Anthropologie

6. Ironwork Hook – From Anthropologie

1. 1900 Swivel Mirrors [Backs] – From Bargain Johns Antiques

2. Estate – From The Mirror Lady

3. Barrington Rectangle – From The Mirror Lady

4. Matilda Split Glass Mirror – From Porta Romana

5. Modern Vanity Mirror From Judy – JudyGoVintage Etsy Shop

6. Oval Mirror – From Topsy Design Etsy Shop


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