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Spring is in the Air

May 13, 2010

Well, it was for a little while, and now it’s back to a little gloom for a few days here in Denver, but it’s shaping up to be a FANTASTIC, gorgeous weekend. So this post is a little preemptive, a little wishful thinking and hoping, but please enjoy it, no matter your weather! And rejoice and go for a hike if it is beautiful where you are. Sorry, I’m from San Diego so I tend to whine if every day here in Colorado isn’t beautiful. Between there and here, I’m definitely spoiled by the sun and the seasons.

Ok, so these are some of my favorite fresh spring combos- they all seem to combine bright pinks and blues- mimicking the lovely blooms suddenly all around me. Now we definitely want to get out and enjoy nature and bridge the gap between outdoors and in, but on days like this it’s also nice to just have a little cheeriness indoors. Hopefully these give you a little inspiration for your space, or just induce a happy sigh of adoration like they do for me.

Belle Maison Via House of Turquoise

From BHS Via House Of Turquoise

Jeffers Design Group Via House Of Turquoise

Kate Spade Gwinnett Lane Cake Plate Via Everything Turquoise

Marimekko Iso Satakieli Shower Curtain Via Everything Turqoiuse

Peter Pennoyer House in Maine Library Via Cococozy

Via Alkemie

Via Renovate & Decorate


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  1. Christine Weldy permalink
    May 13, 2010 9:36 pm

    Very nice Suzanne. Keep up the great work. I love your style. You certainly are talented.

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