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Wood + White & Black

August 16, 2010

I love the combination of white and black and when added to warm, earthy wood I find the balance is perfect. It’s stark and modern and yet natural and cozy. Other colors and the craziness of life will not create chaos when it’s all put together. And the absence of bright trendy colors lets the light really play and honest materials like wood, glass and concrete become beautifully luminous on their own.

I’ve noticed this aesthetic a lot in the new homes in Dwell and while it seems to be a new direction, it’s really not. That’s the beauty of it- timelessness. Here are a few spaces I feel illustrate this including a few by Olson Kundig, a firm which somehow eluded my radar for years now and yet has jumped straight to the top of my list. Everything they have done is absolutely breathtaking. The materials speak volumes, the impeccable detail… anyway, I’m taken with their work.

via homedesigninterior

B&B Italia Via Modern Home Interiors

Gus Modern Pawn Stool

Architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Laurelhurst Residence by Olson Kundig

via Living Etc

BVH Architects via ArchInspire

North Seattle Residence by Olson Kundig

via furnitureluxuryideas


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