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Embracing Change/Curl Up Part II

September 23, 2010

Today was the first day of fall (I’m writing late, referring to the 22nd!) and indeed this week has been cooler and we’ve even seen a little rain. Surely there are a few summery days left before the snow arrives, and I intend to soak up the sun. Equipped with a blanket, sweater, LED lantern, stack of books and a journal, my new hubby and I will soon retreat into nature for a night or two. Here are some more lovely pictures, a follow up to my first Curl Up With A Good Book post. This one is the outdoor edition. Enjoy!

Also, I want to let you all know about some other fun changes- the new look coming soon to DelysiaStyle. As the seasons change, so do all of us and I have found myself evolving in leaps and bounds lately. Change can certainly be uncomfortable but growing pains are a part of growth and I am trying to stay positive and meet challenges head-on in order to maximize every opportunity. As I’ve been examining my personal style, I’ve come to the realization that the look I initially designed for DelysiaStyle, well, it’s cute but it’s not really me. Anyone who knows me well or went to design school with me is probably confused and surprised to see it. I wanted to bring out the feminine things I like about design and really emphasize an old-fashioned grace in the interiors. This isn’t to say that was a “phase” I was going through; I do love all those things and interiors. My personal style though is closer to my more recent posts, and the more I notice my changing inspiration, the more I realize it’s time to reinvent. I’m still working on it all, but suffice it to say for now- it will not be pink.

For now, I invite you again to grab a book, an apple and your beloved and head for the hills. Or the backyard.

Cath Kidston tent via ShotTalkBuzz

From LivingEtc Via4WallsAndaRoof

photographer Debi Treloar Via FourWalls&ARoof

Via FourWalls and a Roof

Via Maluna

Via Maluna

Via Micasa

Via ArchitectureBlog

Via YesandYes


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