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Underwater Sculpture Installation

October 12, 2010

Thank you to Erin Donnelly for bringing the amazing artist Jason De Caires Taylor to my attention! It is always inspiring to see someone do something in a completely new way and shake things up to really convey their ideas.His website has so many great pictures and thought provoking art, it’s really a must-see.

The concept of taking something out of its normal environment and placing it somewhere else in order to elicit an emotional response greatly fueled my thesis project where I place a concrete shell of a building out in the middle of nowhere for hikers and wanderers to discover. The building was intended to create a feeling of stumbling on something new and unexpected and create an environment where people’s thoughts and beliefs would be shaken and almost questioned. In this way they could examine their beliefs in a stimulating yet serene environment. This would serve a type of spiritual center for those who don’t relate to organized religion.

Anyway, enjoy discovering this wonderful artist!

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