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Dance, Dance

October 29, 2010

Even though the closest I get to being prima ballerina is the New York City Ballet Workout, I love to watch ballet and learn from the discipline and the grace of the amazing dancers and remember my short time taking ballet as a young girl. I enjoyed the documentary Ballerina by Bertrand Normand. And yesterday a friend pointed out this lovely blog, the Ballerina Project, that seems to have hit it’s peak months ago but is still there sharing gorgeous images with us which were contributed by dancers and photographers all over the world.

subway ballet | DelysiaStyle


city ballet | DelysiaStyle

lofe ballet | DelysiaStyle

grafitti ballet DelysiaStyle

sea ballet | DelysiaStyle

The control that these athletes have over their bodies never ceases to amaze me. In most sports, the look on an athlete’s face or the perfect placement of each finger wouldn’t matter, only the result. Ballet is so much about grace, control, making it look easy- it makes it so much harder. Sports are at least 50% mental and it is so amazing how pushing the body pushes the mind.

Speaking of dancer/athletes, I loved the documentary Planet B-Boy. It showed a lot of incredible dance moves, but also told some wonderful stories of passion, perseverance and teamwork. Enjoy the trailer!

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