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Clean White and Dark Walnut

November 1, 2010

My heart is skipping a beat with each image!  I’m still trying to link words to this aesthetic that I love so much- a juxtaposition of new and old, light and dark… perfect balance of minimal and natural. My heart aches with the beauty of it. The sparsity and loveliness of the furniture, the attention to detail in the materials and fixtures in the bathrooms. I would consider moving to Utah for this house, where it is for sale, according to Trendir where I found these images, for $599,000. Salvaged bamboo and walnut are used gorgeously throughout, and the fireplace, oh the fireplace!!

White & Walnut 1 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 2 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 3 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 4 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 5 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 6 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 7 | Delysia Style

White & Walnut 8 | Delysia Style


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  1. September 15, 2011 6:58 pm

    I have seen this house before on Trendir as well … and my heart skipped a beat too! It is such a great house…and for a design home the price tag isn’t that bad either!

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