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A-Cero Concrete House II

October 17, 2010

This exterior by A-Cero just speaks to me. I love the hard lines of concrete and unexpected angles. The interior is pretty amazing as well, though just a little too minimal for my taste.  I love the architecture as is, but I’d spice it up with a little more furniture, texture and color.















via coolboom



Raven Row

October 16, 2010

First constructed in 1754, Raven Row is now an art museum which opened in 2009 in east London. Previously two adjoining houses built for Huguenot silk merchants and an office building built in 1972, the buildings were ravaged by fire in the 1950s and again in the 70s. 6a Architects have revived the building and interiors, transforming them into gallery space, offices and two residential apartments.

Aiming to allow the interior and architecture to “oscillate between past and present,” the architects used charred timber for the exterior cladding of the skylights and kept the design of the 18th century Rococo room details.

Raven Row by 6a Architects, London

Photos by David Grandorge/RayJohnson Images

Charred timber recalls the fires the buildings have been through

Of the furniture choices, 6a explained:

Furniture in the eighteenth century was usually light and fitted with drawers and pockets for paper, pen, ink, blotters, etc. In this way, it could be moved easily to find the best light by the window or warmth by the fire. With the introduction of gas lamps in the nineteenth century, furniture becomes heavy and built-in. At Raven Row, we designed all the furniture to carry that sense of lightness and provisional occupation. All pieces are free standing and anticipate that any space in the building will be used in ways as yet unimagined.


How beautiful is this?!

October 15, 2010



Beauty in Truth

October 14, 2010

There is a certain integrity of some materials and methods that make their simplicity extra beautiful. Concrete, metal, wood and glossy or just smooth white and black materials are my favorite as you might have noticed. Methods of building that expose the joinery, or reveal the workings are the most honest, and the most fascinating. This building was chosen by Brazilian architect and designer Guilherme Torres as his own studio and he worked on it for 10 years, encountering electrical issues and wall seepage along the way. He decided to remove and rebuild all the wall coatings. Inspired by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the 2006 Pritzker Prize laureate, Torres left the wiring out in the open and it becomes a statement both aesthetically and philosophically. The whole building cost about $6,000 thanks to the simple solutions utilized! In addition to the floorplan, Torres also designed his sofa, coffee table and wall art.


GT House Via Contemporist






Old Architecture Meets New Interior

October 13, 2010

I love this house in the Swiss Alps, renovated byFormzone. The way the clean white pairs with rustic stone… my heart skips a beat.

Via Fresh Home



Underwater Sculpture Installation

October 12, 2010

Thank you to Erin Donnelly for bringing the amazing artist Jason De Caires Taylor to my attention! It is always inspiring to see someone do something in a completely new way and shake things up to really convey their ideas.His website has so many great pictures and thought provoking art, it’s really a must-see.

The concept of taking something out of its normal environment and placing it somewhere else in order to elicit an emotional response greatly fueled my thesis project where I place a concrete shell of a building out in the middle of nowhere for hikers and wanderers to discover. The building was intended to create a feeling of stumbling on something new and unexpected and create an environment where people’s thoughts and beliefs would be shaken and almost questioned. In this way they could examine their beliefs in a stimulating yet serene environment. This would serve a type of spiritual center for those who don’t relate to organized religion.

Anyway, enjoy discovering this wonderful artist!

Apartment Wish List

October 6, 2010

My new roommate who is also an Interior Designer is totally inspiring me to shake things up, add more color, and have more fun! I have a whole new hope of making our place great. Up until now, I’ve been resigned to the fact that we don’t have enough money to have things the way I want them. But now I am determined to do it, bit by bit and be creative in finding ways around expensive things. Sometimes with me its either all or nothing- if I can’t have exactly what I want, why bother. But I’m doing away with the perfectionism and getting real. In order to visualize the ideal space, I need to get it as close as possible in similar ways.

I recovered our comfy/ugly sofa with an Off White Cotton Duck… ahem, $20 dropcloth from Lowes… just a few pins and staples and it looks and feels great. Then we found some great fabrics and recovered old throw pillows we were tired of. I’ll post pictures soon, but it’s all not quite done.

Here are a few things I want to grab to finish our Vintage City Life Quirky European White + Bright concept. So a few of these things we’ll probably buy and a few others are inspiration pieces- you know me- it quickly turns into the “if I had a million dollars” version. Share with us: how are you breaking out of the box and finding new ways to bust through excuses and make a space you love?


Vineyard Bracket from Anthropologie, in mustard



Floor Lamp From Arteluce Via 1stDibs




Paris Panorama Pillowcase Set, Urban Outfitters



Pablo, set of 3 tables from CB2



Italian Chaise by Paolo Passerini, From Eccola Via 1st Dibs



Gallery Chairs by Martin Eilser From Thomas Hayes Gallery via 1st Dibs



Industrial Tool Chest Console from Restoration Hardware



Hamper and Printed Liner from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child



Eva Zeisel was 101 years on when she designed these and I love her for it



Eames House Bird from Vitra via DWR



Cityscape Shower Curtain from CB2



1920s Italian Sconce From Obsolete Via 1stDibs



We grabbed this Iron Bicycle wall art from Hobby Lobby


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