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Wedding Frenzy

July 1, 2010

So I’m going to try to ease back into posting regularly again- I’ve been so busy, the blog has been neglected & I apologize! Here are some pictures that are inspiring my wedding look. I chose pink and white as our colors and have painted some of the unfinished wood items in “petal” from Restoration Hardware. It is such a subtle hue, a very light peachy pink. Which reminds me- I’ve been meaning to share with you the RH Baby & Child line. They use a lot of the petal for girls and sky for boys. It is so gorgeous, so sophisticated- I love all the colors, catalog vignette designs, furniture… I think you’ll love it too!

Martine Bedroom, Restoration Hardware

Ok so onto the wedding stuff!! More lovely pink & white… who would have thought I’d turn so girly?

Interior Stylist Lo Bjurulf via 100 Layer Cake

Lo Bjurulf - click here to find more of her work at

I love lamp. (More Lo Bjurulf)

The whole Agent Bauer website is a rabbit hole- so much talent to discover! ^

Joel has no idea what my dress looks like- for all he knows, it could be pink! I love this picture, but it’s probably as much the chair as the dress. No surprise there!

"Leah Dress" by Hollywood Dreams via Mrs2be

And here are some from they have a great “sort by color” type of option for getting inspiration by palette. Our wedding party will wear black, mostly out of ease for us all- :black is black” but it also looks really sharp and leaves you with clothes you might even wear again!


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